Sustainable Relationships

With its suppliers

Armor Proteines works directly with the dairy farmers and establishes a sustainable relationship around a common improvement process.

Located in a rural area, the company is committed to ensuring its involvement in the local economy and to collect its raw materials from local producers.

Armor Proteines has signed a Charter of Good Practices governing relations with its suppliers, to promote sustainable and long term procurement.

A Purchasing Code of Conduct guarantees the commitment of Armor Proteines to integrity and ethics, communication and collaboration, progress and performance, accountability and sustainable purchasing.


With the environment

In order to limit the transport of raw materials, Armor Proteines is located in the French milk pool, in the heart of the Western France, and collects milk from the surrounding producers with its own fleet of vehicles. The collection and deliveries are optimized to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. The vehicles used by Armor Proteines are all equipped with efficient engines, and drivers are trained in eco-driving.

As part of its environmental management plan, Armor Proteines implements its technological innovation capabilities to improve its practices for the preservation of the environment. These advances can be seen at various stages of the fractionation of milk, including:

  • through processes and procedures standardization,
  • by improving technology and equipment performance,
  • by optimizing the performance of the cooling system and steam production.

Armor Proteines also performs an environmental diagnosis in partner farms, and offers suggestions for improvement. All this adheres to the Charter of Good Animal Husbandry Practice relating to environmental and animal welfare.

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