Demineralised whey is produced from sweet whey then subject to cooling, filtration and pasteurisation process. It is an ingredient of high quality food products and may be a milk substitute or filler or firming agent. Its taste is more neutral than regular whey, therefore its application range is wider.

A sweet whey powder demineralized at 90%. It is mainly used in infant nutrition for the serum protein fortification of which the concentration is higher in breast milk than in cow’s milk.

Lactose is produced from skimmed pasteurized and concentrated whey by evaporation. Then it is transferred into crystallization tanks, where the supersaturation results in a crystallization in α-lactose monohydrate. The suspension is then decanted and washed to purify the lactose. The lactose content increase from 80% to 99%. The lactose is dried, ground and sieved to obtain suitable particle size before packaging.

Food lactose crystallizes better as dextrose or sucrose. Mixed with these sugars, it can change their crystallization properties. This is why it is used in the manufacture of confectionery and chocolate products. Lactose is also a slightly soluble sugar with low sweetening ability that promotes caramelization. This is why it is used in the baking industry and to provide uniform color to chips and fried potatoes.

Lactose is a carbohydrate and more specifically a disaccharide composed of a galactose and a glucose molecule joined together by an osidic bond. From a nutritional point of view this is an interesting dairy ingredient. Breast milk contains 50% more lactose than cow’s milk. It is therefore an essential molecule in the formulation of infant milk. It is an essential carbohydrate for the preparation of all products intended to replace breast milk.

A refined lactose is used in infant nutrition. This is where lactose crystals have undergone an additional refining step during the manufacturing process. The purity of refined lactose is higher (99.4%) than edible lactose (99.0%). The refined lactose powder is whiter than the edible lactose powder.

Whey permeate is a powder resulting from whey ultrafiltration, concentrated and then dried by atomization.

The whey permeate is low in protein but high in lactose and minerals. It is used in many food applications as a bulking agent.