Armor Proteines’ range of milk powders for the food industry

Milk powders are produced by drying skimmed or whole milk. They retain all the nutrients in milk, at the same time offering several advantages over liquid milk:

  • Longer shelf life, due to the reduction in moisture
  • Storage at room temperature, without refrigeration
  • Smaller volumes for transport

There are two main techniques for producing powdered milk: spray drying and the Hatmaker process.

Spray dried milk powder is first pasteurized, then reduced by evaporation and finally sprayed into an air stream at 150°C. The remaining water evaporates almost instantaneously, leaving the milk solids in the form of a fine powder, known as milk protein concentrate.

The Hatmaker process (drum drying) involves applying a thin film of milk to heated rollers. This tends to give the resulting powder a caramelized flavor. For this reason, it is generally used in the manufacture of chocolate and pastries. Armor Proteines offers its Choc’ArmorTM range of milk powders, produced using the Hatmaker process.

We also offer a range of fat-filled milk powders. These are produced by mixing coconut or palm oil (in quantities varying from 26% to 50%) with skimmed milk prior to drying. These can replace powdered whole milk, reducing the cost of production without affecting the quality of the finished product. They are typically used in products such as ice-cream, chocolate and other confectionery, as well as biscuits, cakes and pastries.

Lecithin can also be added, improving powder dissolution in water.

Spray Dried Milk Powders

Fresh milk is pasteurized and then concentrated by evaporation in vacuum. We then have concentrated whole milk that is dried by atomization, a drying method that allows to transform the liquid milk into powder. Also referred as a dry "spray". Once the milk is concentrated, it is sprayed into fine droplets from the top of a drying tower, where a stream of air heated to 150°C instantly evaporates the water remaining in the concentrated milk. The obtained powder is then driven to a bag filter that separates the air from the powder before it is packaged in sacks or large bags.


Choc'armor™ is a range of milk powder and milk preparations obtained by drying on cylinders (Hatmaker process). This technology gives the powder a caramelized flavor. It is used in chocolate and pastry manufacturing.

Fat-filled Milk Powders

Range of skimmed milk powder that is fat filled before drying. To do so, coconut and palm oil are used in amounts between 26% and 50%. Fat filled milk powders partially or totally replace the whole milk powder and reduce the product formulation costs without affecting the organoleptic quality. They are used in many food applications such as ice creams, chocolates and confectionery, drinks, biscuits, pastries and cakes, etc. Re-fatted milk powders can also be lecithined. This allows for redissolution and a faster dispersion.
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