The benefits of milk replacers

Milk Replacers consist of fat-free milk powder, optionally with added vegetable or dairy fats. Fat content can be derived from milk (butter fat) or be of vegetable origin (coconut or palm oil). The quantity varies between 26% and 55%, depending on your requirements. A range of different protein contents is also available.

By combining milk and fat powder in a single preparation, milk replacers facilitate the manufacture of a wide variety of foods. They can replace skimmed milk powder either completely or partially, without modifying the taste or texture of the finished product. Containing around 30% protein, milk replacers offer certain advantages from a nutritional point of view.

Produced using a spray-drying technique, Armor Proteines milk replacers dissolve in warm water and are therefore easy to use in your recipes. Combining milk powder and fat in a single product, they can be associated with other ingredients in the same way as traditional skimmed milk powder, and offer excellent emulsifying properties.

We offer a range of functional ingredients suited to different types of preparations: baking (bread, biscuits and cakes), ice-cream, dairy products, ready-made meals and confectionery, to help you produce high quality products at a lower cost. We also offer a fat-free milk replacer, LactarmorTM MP.

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