A solid technological know-how

Through our innovative nature and our desire to offer our clients products that are always best suited to their needs, over the years Armor Proteines has been using cutting edge technology, used both by the Research and Development department and in industrial manufacturing.

On all of its sites, Armor Proteines utilizes the best skills and equipment to develop innovative and optimized manufacturing and transformation processes. Its technological know-how enables it to offer its clients a wide range of high quality ingredients. Armor Proteines offers solutions for the functionalization of proteins, fractionation, and the drying and improvement of powders.


Functionalization of proteins to make them:

  • gelling
  • foaming
  • texturing
  • stabilizing
  • anti-syneresis
  • emulsifying
  • thickening


Drying and improvement of powders

  • spray drying
  • roller drying
  • extrusion
  • protein instantanisation
  • agglomeration



  • UF (ultrafiltration), MF (microfiltration) and NF (nano-filtration)
  • RO (reverse osmosis)
  • chromatography
  • centrifugation
  • crystallization of the lactose
  • evaporation
  • enzymatic hydrolysis
  • demineralization
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