Armor Proteines offers a range of dairy ingredients for the food industry

For 35 years, Armor Proteines has been implementing its expertise in the extraction of dairy ingredients, in order to enhance the many nutrients that make up milk. Its researchers and technicians work every day to make ingredients that take advantage of the nutritional and functional richness of this food.

Milk has long been recognized as an essential part of our diet. The range of essential nutrients supplied by milk is well-known: calcium, proteins and vitamins. Even after being weaned, we continue to consume milk (usually from cows, sheep or goats) in many different forms: either drinking it directly or using it as an ingredient in a wide range of recipes.

Armor Proteines has 35 years’ experience in producing milk-based ingredients. Starting from raw milk or whey, we isolate each of its ingredients and package them in a form that can be used by our customers in food products and medical nutrition. We offer a wide range of products, falling into two main categories:

  • Functional ingredients, including texturizers, emulsifiers, stabilizers and flavors. These ingredients improve the finished product’s organoleptic properties (looks, texture, smell…) ;
  • Nutritional ingredients, including proteins and minerals. These contribute to the nutritional quality of the finished product.

Building on our experience and expertise, our researchers and technicians continue to develop new techniques allowing us to make the most of milk and all its components.

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