Armor Proteines’ dairy nutrition ingredients for the food industry

We offer a wide range of functional ingredients for the food industry, designed to overcome the difficulties involved in preparing fresh dairy products such as yoghurts, cream, fresh cheese and puddings.

Our spray dried caseinates are extracted from the curd by adding sodium or calcium before spray drying. Sodium caseinates are used as emulsifiers in sausages, ready meals and coffee creamers. Calcium caseinates are particularly useful for infants, sporting and clinical nutrition, as well as for diet products.

Edible lactose is made from concentrated milk whey, and can be used as a sweetener for chocolate, confectionery and ultra-fresh products.

Whey permeate is derived from whey by filtration, concentration and atomization. It is low in protein, but has a high lactose and mineral content, making it suitable as a bulking agent in many food applications, including ultra-fresh products.

Spray dried whole and skimmed milk powders are produced by pasteurizing and condensing milk, and then spraying it into an air stream. The remaining water evaporates almost instantaneously, leaving the milk solids in the form of a fine powder. It is much easier to store and handle than liquid milk, and so is very widely used in the food industry. We also offer Instant Lait CP, dried skimmed milk with added coconut oil and lecithin, suitable for instant drinks, sauces and soups.