Acid casein

Acid Casein – milk protein ingredients by Armor Proteines

Armor Proteines, the provider of dairy nutrition solutions for the food and specialty nutrition industries proposes acid casein, designed to provide nutritional and textural benefits for food products. Used widely for the manufacture of cheeses, be they, fresh cheeses, processed cheeses or pasteurized cheese products, acid casein plays an important role in improving texture of the finished product.

To obtain the acid casein ingredient, Armor Proteines uses fresh whole milk collected directly from local farmers in western France. Once skimmed and pasteurized, the milk undergoes a process of acidification which precedes the coagulation phase and the forming of ‘curd’. Further separation, rinsing, grinding and drying processes finally produce the acid casein. The Armor Proteine product contains 1% fat, 0.1 lactose and less than 1% minerals, a high quality food ingredient that has been thoroughly tested during every phase of production.

Acid Casein – Dairy ingredients for cheese manufacturers

We invite you to discover the range of milk-based food ingredients for cheese producers offering stability and consistency in flavor, aroma and texture of all types of manufactured cheeses. Armor Proteines is the leader in quality food ingredients derived from milk, a specialty division of the world leading dairy group, Bongrain.

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