Balanced aminogram

Balanced amingram: optimal nutritional value

Armor Proteines, a pioneer in the development of dairy nutrition ingredients proposes a range of products with balanced aminogram or formulas with balanced amino acid content. A leader in milk fractionation technology and processes, Armor Proteines proposes functional, high quality ingredients for the food and specialty food industries, providing solutions for a variety of food types, including cheeses, infant food, sports nutrition, baked goods, clinical nutrition

Armor Proteines help manufacturers respect a balanced aminogram for their products and meet specific nutritional requirements with milk based ingredients. Calcium rich, milk mineral products such as, VITALARMOR, also contain nitrogen and amino acids, a rich, balanced composition of nutrients, ideal for achieving high nutritional value for general and specific food products, such as fortified drinks for slimming and sports food sectors.

As an expert in milk-based nutrition ingredients, Armor Proteines provides nutritional formulations for products adapted to meet specific nutritional needs. Ingredients such as, the PROTARMOR range, are designed for nutritionally-rich food products for sports, clinical, and senior nutrition foods and beverages and contain an optimal balance of amino acids and B-lactoglobulin in formulas that are easy to incorporate into production lines.

Balanced aminogram: the Armor Proteines range of nutritional ingredients

Armor Proteines has elaborated a whole range of nutritional ingredients from fine quality, whole milk collected directly from farms in the traditional dairy territory in western France, where the company has been implanted for over a century. We invite you to view our innovative solutions for your nutritional issues, food flavouring and texturing concerns for a wide spectrum of food and nutrition specific products.

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