Calcium caseinate

Calcium caseinate: Armor Proteines solutions

Armor Proteines is a leading developer of nutrient ingredients elaborated from dairy milk for the food sector and nutritional supplements sectors. Among the range of nutrient solutions, calcium caseinate proposes a number of benefits for manufacturers of food products designed for both general and specific markets.

The spray-dried calcium caseinate is a functional ingredient, easily incorporated into the production of foods designed to provide a high calcium content. The functional formula is easily assimilated and offers manufacturers an effective solution for creating foods with specific nutritional requirements. Armor Proteines’ calcium caseinate serves as an important ingredient for infant nutrition, clinical nutrition, sports and dietetics nutrition.

Calcium Caseinate is obtained from fresh whole milk, collected directly from local dairy farms in Brittany, Poitou Charentes, the historic hub for dairy products in France. Armor Proteines develops this specialty ingredient from the curd produced from high-quality, raw materials and expertise in milk fractionation. Feel free to discover more about Armor Proteines cutting edge processes and solutions.

Calcium Caseinate – innovation and technology applied to dairy ingredients

Discover the range of dairy-based ingredients for adding nutritional value, improving food texture, flavor and aroma to your food products. Our solutions are recommended for baked goods, fresh dairy products, cheese, confectionary, as well as, nutrition specific food sectors.

Armor Proteines is based in western France and is part of the Bongrain group, the world leader in dairy products. If you would like any further information about spray-dried calcium caseinates or any other Armor Proteines specialty ingredients, please contact us.

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