Demineralized whey

Demineralized whey: innovative dairy ingredients by Armor Proteines

Armor Proteines proposes a range of dairy ingredients, innovative products for the food industries, which are both highly functional with texturing and flavoring properties and offer high level nutrition.

Demineralized whey by Armor Proteines is an innovative product, a more versatile alternative to the use of sweet or regular whey in many food products thanks to its less-pronounced taste. This dairy ingredient is widely used in baked and pastry goods, chocolate, confectionary and ice cream, a functional substitute for milk and also used for improving the texture via its firming and filling properties.

Elaborated from sweet whey, demineralized whey is obtained via a series of milk fractionation processes, including cooling and pasteurization to ensure the highest quality dairy-based ingredient for food manufacturers.

Demineralized whey powder for infant nutrition

Armor Proteines applies its technologies and know-how in milk fractionation for the development of LACTARMOR DM90%, a demineralized whey powder designed specifically for infant nutrition. The formula allows manufacturers to meet specific nutritional requirements of infant food products thanks to its high content in serum protein.

Armor Proteines is at the forefront of innovative dairy nutrition ingredients for industrial food manufacture and proposes functional, cost-effective solutions for a number of food concerns, including flavoring, texturing, as well as, help manufacturers reduce the fat and salt content of their products with high quality dairy-based solutions.

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