Fast protein

Fast protein: Armor Proteines milk fractionation technology

Fast protein derived from fresh whole milk is an important source of amino-acids and an increasingly desired ingredient in many staple food products as well as, foods for the specialty nutrition food sectors.

Named for its fast passage through the digestion system and hence its rapid but short-lived increase in protein synthesis, fast protein is available as a high-quality dairy ingredient by the leader in milk fractionation, Armor Proteines.

The specialist in dairy-based ingredients designed for the food and nutrition industries, Armor Proteines provides a range of fast protein formulas obtained from whey, the ‘fast-acting’ protein component in cow’s milk.

Fast protein: the benefits of Armor Proteines whey ingredients

Armor Proteines has elaborated demineralized whey products, packed with nutrition but also an excellent ingredient for improving texture thanks to its filling and firming properties. Obtained from regular whey using the latest technologies in milk fractionation, the demineralized whey formula offers a wide application due to its comparatively neutral taste. Food manufacturers can use this innovative, functional dairy ingredient for a variety of food types, including chocolate, confectionary, ice cream and baked foods.

Especially designed for manufacturers of infant food and nutrition, LACTARMOR DM 90% contains high levels of serum protein and is easily assimilated, a solution which can help manufacturers achieve the desired nutritional composition required for this specialty food.

Today, as part of the leading dairy group, Bongrain, Armor Proteines is at the forefront of innovative dairy nutrition ingredients, discover more about how to develop the nutritional value and improve the quality of your food products with Armor Proteines solutions.

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