Fat-filled milk powder

Fat-filled milk powder: Armor Proteines nutrition ingredients

Armor Proteines the leader in design and manufacture of nutritional ingredients derived from milk fractionation, proposes a wide range of solutions for the food and nutrition sectors.

As with its innovative products, the French-based company has continually developed its technologies and activities from traditional production of milk products to new generation ingredients that allow food manufacturers to meet nutritional requirements, improve texture and taste of their food products.

Fat-filled milk powders, demineralized whey powders, milk-based substitutes for salt, calcium and serum protein fortification, Armor Protienes helps manufacturers solve a range of nutritional issues and food quality concerns.

Fat-filled milk powder: the range of dairy ingredients

Elaborated from whole fresh milk collected from the dairy farms in Western France by Armor Proteines, fat-filled milk powders, milk substitutes, milk minerals and bio-components, lactose and whey derivatives and casein and caseinates are obtained thanks to the French company’s expert know-how in milk fractionation.

Fat-filled milk powder is used as an ingredient in a variety of food types, including ready–made meals, baked and pastry foods. Discover more about our skimmed and whole milk, fat-filled milk powders, their use offers the nutritional benefits of fresh milk in a functional formula for industrial food production.

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