Foaming agent

Foaming agent: Food texturing and dairy nutrition solutions

Armor Proteines, the leader in milk fractionation technology, has developed a wide range of dairy ingredients that provide high nutritional value and serve as an effective foaming agent for the food manufacturing sectors.

Foaming agents, emulsifiers, stabilizers, Armor Proteines nutritional ingredients also solve a number of food product issues, such as texture, stability, flavor and aroma as well as, help food manufacturers develop products with high nutritional value.

With high-quality dairy ingredients designed for different food products, such as baked goods, ready-made meals, confectionary, our foaming agents also provide a high-performance solution for specialty sectors including infant nutrition, sports, slimming and clinical nutrition.

Foaming agent: ingredients designed for the food industry

Armor Proteines foaming agents provide a cost-effective solution for food producers thanks to their easy-to-use, functional formulas and wealth of applications. Armor Proteines provides diary ingredients that help you address issues of product composition, improve nutritional content and help you achieve a product with desired texture, taste and quality.

Discover how our expert team in food nutrition can help you elaborate new products for general or the health food sectors. If you would like any further information about our foaming agents or wish to consult us your food issues, please contact us.

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