Functional ingredients

Functional ingredients : dairy ingredients for the food industry

Functional ingredients designed for the different sectors of the food and nutrition industries provide the high quality solution for a number of issues facing food manufacturers. Whether you need food ingredients with high nutritional value to create products with specific dietary properties for a specialty sector or are interested in finding nutritional ingredients that also improve the taste and texture of your products… Armor Proteines is today’s innovative leader in dairy-based nutritional ingredients thanks to our innovative technologies and expert, pioneering research and development in milk fractionation processes.

Fresh whole milk, collected from dairy farms in the traditional dairy territory, where Armor Proteines is based, in Western France, is transformed into innovative, functional ingredients with easy-to-use applications for industrial food production. Discover the range of milk powders, milk minerals and bio-components, whey products, lactose and casein formulas designed to provide quality nutrition and texturing for a variety of food types.

Functional ingredients: the benefits

Provide calcium fortification, protein fortification, add amino acids to the nutritional composition of your food products and meet today’s requirements for foods with reduced salt and fat contents with low sodium taste enhancers, skimmed milk powders… our functional dairy ingredients can be applied as foaming agents, stabilizers and emulsifiers and offer long conservation properties…

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