Gelling agent

Gelling agents by the dairy ingredient specialist

Food manufacturers in search of high quality, gelling agents for their production line will appreciate the innovative and functional dairy ingredients designed by Armor Proteines, the leader in milk fractionation technology. With a long standing history in the milk industry, Armor Proteines has become a world supplier of dairy nutrition ingredients for both general food varieties and specialty nutrition.

The range of industrial food ingredients includes gelling agents, stabilizers, emulsifiers and foaming agents, each derived from whole fresh milk and designed to provide manufacturers the cost-effective, high performance solutions for any texturing and food composition issues.

Gelling agents: ORAGEL

Among the range of dairy ingredients designed to improve the texture of food products, Oragel™ HG 80, can be used for cheeses, fresh dairy products, cold meats and vegetarian meals with the added benefit of improving taste. The Armor Proteines gelling agent is a whey protein concentrate, which contains, trace amounts of lactose and milk fat and can therefore be used to replace fat in dairy products as well as, serve to create the desired texture of the finished products. ORAGEL HG80 is an example of the highly functional and multi-dimensional qualities of our dairy ingredients.

For texturing, reducing salt and fat content in food composition, developing products with high nutritional value, our solutions include whey proteins, milk powders, milk replacers, milk proteins, minerals and bio-components, caseinates … we invite you to view the many applications of our products and contact us for any further information you desire.

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