Improve nutrition

Improve nutrition with innovative dairy ingredients

Armor Proteines, a leader in milk fractionation has developed a range of dairy ingredients designed to improve nutrition and composition of manufactured food products. Elaborated from fresh whole milk, our nutritional ingredients are functional formulations, easily integrated into food production processes and offer a number of benefits, from improving nutritional balance to texturing and flavoring of the finished product.

Improve nutrition of existing food products or call on our experts to help develop new products with high nutritional value, Armor Proteines provides calcium rich solutions, fast and slow – acting proteins, amino acids, serum protein products… we have also designed milk-based ingredients which serve as substitutes, partial or total, for fat and salt, helping manufacturers to respond to new market needs in the food sectors.

Improve nutrition: the food sectors

Armor Proteines dairy ingredients are used in widely in a variety of food sectors, from everyday, staple foods such as baked goods, chocolate, cheese to specialty foods and supplements for infant nutrition, sports and health nutrition and clinical nutrition products. We invite you to discover the range of ingredients available for meeting specific nutritional requirements. Armor Proteines proposes milk powders, milk minerals, demineralized whey formulas, caseinates, casein, bio-components… using the excellent nutrition available from the natural, rich source that is cow’s milk is easy, cost-effective and helps you create quality food products.

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