Infant nutrition

Infant nutrition: dairy ingredients by Armor Proteines

The specialist in milk fractionation, Armor Proteines, designs and develops dairy ingredients suitable for use in the infant nutrition sector. Our dairy ingredients adhere to the strict guidelines for safety and nutritional quality and provide manufacturers of infant milk and foods functional formulas, which meet the specific nutritional requirements necessary for healthy development and growth of infants and toddlers.

Quality infant nutrition must provide the optimal balance of nutrients and essential fats, including linolenic and linoleic acids, as well as, fat soluble vitamins: A, D, E and K. Armor Proteines dairy ingredients for this speciality food sector not only respond to the precise nutritional guidelines but offer major advantages such as easy-to-use formulations, cost-effectiveness, impeccable quality and long conservation.

Infant Nutrition: the range of nutrients

We invite you to discover the range of ingredients for infant nutrition, solutions for powdered milks, infant and growth milks. Our dairy ingredients include specialty whey powders, calcium caseinates, milk proteins such as glycoprotein and serum protein… our nutrition rich formulas improve the quality of your infant food products, offering the best properties of milk in easy-to-use solutions.

Armor Proteines is at the forefront of development in dairy ingredients for nutrition, flavoring and texturing of general and specific foods. Based in western France, in traditional dairy country, Armor Proteines uses milk from local farms, controlled and tested for quality during all stages of production.

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