Lactoferrin: milk ingredients and milk fractionation technology

Lactoferrin is part of the range of bio-protein, dairy ingredients designed and developed specifically for nutrition products, namely infant and sports nutrition sectors. A leader in milk fractionation technology and processes, Armor Proteines, elaborates bioactive peptides from milk soluble proteins, nutrients which play a key role in immune function, nerve function, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal functions.

Lactoferrin is highly suitable as a nutiritional ingredient in infant nutrition milk products, the high content of this glycoprotein has major benefits for infant immune function and improves the nutritional quality of your product, providing a higher content level than the use of regular cow’s milk which contains up to 10 times less than breast milk. Used also for sports and slimming foods such as, meal replacement drinks, cereal bars, manufacturers can obtain an optimal level of nutritional value for their specialty foods with this highly functional, easy-to-use formula.

Lactoferrin: the Armor Proteines quality

Armor Proteines dairy ingredients are suitable for application in a variety of general food and specialty food products. We provide products and services for infant nutrition, sports and slimming nutrition, senior and clinical nutrition products. We invite you to discover the complete range of innovative dairy ingredients; improve the nutritional composition of your food products; develop new products with high nutritional value… we propose high quality milk powders, milk minerals, demineralized whey formulas, calcium caseinates, casein, bioactive proteins and bio-components… we help manufacturers meet specific nutritional requirements with quality dairy ingredients.

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