Milk mineral

Milk mineral concentrate: milk fractionation technology for the food industry

The leader in milk fractionation technology, Armor Proteines, is at the forefront of dairy nutrition ingredients, with a range of milk mineral concentrates designed for the food and food supplement industries.

Milk mineral products such as VITALARMOR are widely used in the manufacture of foods such as, baked goods, cheeses, infant food and sports nutrition products and provide a high content of calcium to food composition.

Armor Proteines milk mineral concentrates are designed to be functional and balanced allowing food manufacturers to enhance their products nutritional value with high quality ingredients.

Milk minerals and innovative solutions

In addition to milk mineral concentrates for calcium fortification of liquid or solid foods, Armor Proteines also provides innovative solutions for reducing salt in a variety of ready-made foods, baked goods and cheese. Lactosalt, an effective substitute for salt, recommended as a flavor enhancer with only a fifth of the sodium content of standard table salt.

The specialist in dairy nutrition ingredients is part of the world leading group, Bongrain, since 1992, playing a major role in the development of innovative, industrial products derived from milk. True to the principles of sustainable development, Armor Proteines uses raw materials exclusively from local farms in Western France, where the company has been based for over 100 years.

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