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Amor Proteines is a subsidiary of Bongrain group, the world leader in dairy products. Since its creation Amor Proteines has been based in the heart of the dairy producing region of France. The company is a pioneer in the development of milk products, leading the way in innovate solutions for reducing salt in cheese as part of a whole range of dairy ingredients for the food and nutrition industries.

The specialist in milk fractionation has developed the dairy ingredient allowing manufacturers to reduce salt content in cheese, contributing to the continual improvement of food products. Armor Proteines uses raw materials only from local dairy farms, namely, Brittany and Poitou-Charente, in Western France. A close relationship with farmers serves to promote the local economy, limit impact on the environment through transportation but also to ensure a common drive towards the highest quality milk products. Sustainable development and responsible industrial processes lie at the heart of every stage – from milk collection to the final production of dairy nutrition ingredients.

Reduce salt in cheese: the innovative ingredient

Armor Proteines has created the Lactosalt range using its new generation milk fractionation technologies. Manufacturers can easily reduce the salt content in their cheese products with this mineral-rich ingredient which contains five times less sodium than standard table salt. Easy to incorporate into today’s production processes, Lactosalt can be used as a complete or partial salt substitute for cheese as well as, other food products, helping manufacturers achieve specific nutritonal requirements and enhance the taste of their food products.

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