Armor Proteines’ dairy ingredients for clinical nutrition

Milk has long been recognized as an excellent source of nutrition, as it is rich in calcium, proteins and vitamins. Armor Proteines offers a wide range of products specifically developed for clinical use. Each contributes to a specific area of health such as protein fortification, bone development and preservation. They are also suitable for enteral nutrition (tube feeding).

The range of ProtarmorTM includes whey protein concentrate. These kinds of products are ideal in medical nutrition, as they contribute to weight loss. Some of the products boast additional ingredients such sunflower lecithin in our ProtarmorTM 82 SBLI, which can easily be dissolved in water.

Our range of VitalarmorTM products include nitrogen and amino-acids that are easily absorbed by the body, like VitalarmorTM LF includes lactoferrin in its composition.
The other VitalarmorTM are made using spray dried mineral concentrates drawn from milk. VitalarmorTM CA and VitalarmorTM CA M10 boast high calcium content.

Stemming from milk curd, the spray dried caseinates used in our products are a valued source of calcium and potassium. These two components are extremely highly-valued in the human body, as they contribute respectively to proper cell metabolism, kidney function and bone development, and to cellular ion balance and the correct functioning of the nervous system.