Performance nutrition products for sport and slimming by Armor Proteines

A wide range of specific dietary regimes may be required by different people for a variety of reasons. Two major areas are slimming and sports.

People who wish to lose weight generally look for food which has low fat or sugar content. Sporting professionals, on the other hand, will look for food with enhanced protein or other nutritional content. Armor Proteines offers a range of products to meet these needs, for both professionals and the general public.

Our ProtarmorTM range of products is made up of spray-dried whey protein concentrates with high nutritional value, as well as high-protein bars and fortified drinks. They are especially suited for use in weight-loss dietetics.

The VitalarmorTM range of products is made up of spray dried concentrates of minerals obtained from milk. VitalarmorTM is a source of easily assimilated nitrogen and amino acids. Other products are valuable sources of calcium (VitalarmorTM CA and VitalarmorTM CA M10), lactoferrin (VitalarmorTM LF) or lactoperoxydase (VitalarmorTM LP).

The other hand, VitalarmorTM products are hydrolysed proteins which are known to be a source of easily assimilated nitrogen and amino acids.

Our spray dried caseinates are derived from milk curd and provide a rich source of potassium or calcium. Calcium is the most important mineral in the human body, required for correct cell metabolism, kidney function and bone development. We offer calcium-rich instant calcium caseinate. Potassium maintains cellular ion balance and ensures proper functioning of the nervous system.