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For many years, Armor Protéines has been working with milk to capture its best elements and manufacture dairy ingredients with specific functional and nutritional properties, which are of interest for various applications in nutrition and food processing.

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Clean Label

There is no clear, standardised or regulated definition of Clean Label. Clean Label tends to refer to the reduction of ingredient lists, the use of more natural and environmentally friendly products. The consumer view of Clean Label has evolved in recent years and now highlights ingredients that are simple, healthy, responsible and authentic. Discover our ingredients for Clean Label formulations!

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Design to cost

In a market context where supplies and raw materials are severely strained, the dairy industry is now working on solutions that meet economic criteria, while also taking into account taste, physical and chemical and microbiology-related qualities.

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In recent years, and particularly following the Covid-19 pandemic, consumers have taken a proactive approach to their health. They no longer wait until they have health concerns to get ahead of them and build their dietary routine through quality ingredients and supplements that will support their immunity for example. They are particularly looking for ingredients that they associate with improved health, beyond their simple nutritional value. Some ingredients are particularly popular with consumers, such as proteins, vitamins, minerals and probiotics. Discover our special health nutritional ingredients!

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High Pro

Milk proteins play a very important role in muscular metabolism. There are two types of proteins in milk with benefits on this muscular metabolism: caseins and serum proteins. Milk proteins are essential in nutrition. In infant milks, drinks or meal replacements, they enable to develop products adapted to specific nutritional needs. Milk proteins functional properties are also very large: solubility, smoothness, thickening and emulsifying properties, so many qualities that improve texture and taste of food.

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Organic products are foods and beverages produced using methods that meet the standards of organic agriculture. Standards vary around the world, but organic farming is characterised by practices that recycle resources, promote ecological balance and preserve biodiversity. According to the Agence Bio, the global organic market is very dynamic, having tripled in the space of 10 years! And the organic infant milk segment is also growing and will continue to do so in the years to come.

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