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Le marché de l'hyperprotéiné

Les protéines de lait jouent un rôle très important dans le métabolisme musculaire. Il existe deux types de protéines dans le lait avec des bénéfices sur ce métabolisme musculaire : les caséines et les protéines sériques. Les protéines de lait sont incontournables dans le domaine de la nutrition. Dans les laits infantiles, les boissons ou les substituts de repas, elles permettent d’élaborer des produits adaptés aux besoins nutritionnels spécifiques. Les propriétés fonctionnelles des protéines de lait sont aussi très nombreuses : solubilité, apport d’onctuosité, propriétés épaississantes et émulsifiantes, autant de qualités qui permettent d’améliorer la texture et le goût des aliments.

What is dairy protein ?

Milk is the first food a human discovers. Made from 85% water, it is rich in vitamins and minerals as well as in macronutrients, including proteins. Milk proteins are of high nutritional quality. They are called “complete proteins” because of their digestibility and the fact that they contain 9 essential amino acids.

Milk proteins play a very important role in muscle metabolism. There are two types of protein in milk with different benefits for the muscles:

  • Caseins : digested slowly to strengthen muscles over the long term
  • Whey proteins : rich in leucine and digested quickly to stimulate muscle synthesis

Milk proteins are sources of calcium and contribute to bone development and preservation. These health benefits make dairy proteins essential nutrients for many populations, particularly the elderly, athletes, children...

There are also many functional properties of dairy proteins: solubility, creaminess, thickening and emulsifying properties, all of which can improve the texture and taste of foods.

Lait de vache versé dans un seau en acier avec en arrière plan des vaches qui broutent de l'herbe.

How are milk proteins used ?

Milk proteins are essential in the field of nutrition. In baby formulas, drinks and meal replacements they make it possible to develop products adapted to specific nutritional needs.

  • In clinical nutrition or for seniors, their virtues are used to prevent malnutrition and muscle atrophy.
  • In sports nutrition, they increase muscle mass, physical performance and improve recovery after exercise.
  • In infant nutrition, they are used to feed infants and young children with the aim of being as close as possible to the composition of breast milk.
  • In active nutrition

The agri-food industry also relies on the functional properties of milk proteins and in particular their emulsifying power to produce dairy desserts, yoghurts, cheeses, drinks, bars and cooked dishes.

Milk proteins are not just for a certain age group or a category of individuals: they meet many needs throughout life.

High protein: a current trend in many categories

The protein supplementation market has soared in recent years with growth of +22% between 2017 and 2020. Experts are still predicting strong years ahead with a +7.8%1 increase in this market between 2020 and 2028. Dairy proteins remain widely popular as they are currently used in nearly 80% of products supplemented with animal proteins.

Today, protein consumption is no longer just for serious athletes and bodybuilders! Over the years, it has become more and more widespread and now integrated into daily consumption through numerous lifestyle and wellness products. Consumers associate proteins with improvement in their overall health and a natural energy boost2. Moreover, 44% of consumers will be more inclined than before to consume offers in line with their nutritional needs. 65% want to increase the amount of protein in their diet.

The profile of the protein consumer has therefore changed significantly. With this change in the market, new offers are being launched to meet their expectations, which are different from the historical target audience of athletes. To increase convenience, pleasure and comprehensive health benefits, brands are launching new products: high-protein nutritional drinks, bars, yoghurts...

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2 FMCG Gurus, Consumer perspectives on protein consumption, mars 2022

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