Skimmed milk powders

Fresh milk is skimmed, pasteurized and then concentrated by evaporation in vacuum. We then have concentrated milk that is dried by atomization, a drying method that transforms the liquid milk into powder. Also referred as a dry “spray”. Once the milk is concentrated it is sprayed into fine droplets from the top of a drying tower, where a stream of air heated to 150°C instantly evaporates the water remaining in the concentrated milk. The obtained powder is then driven to a cyclone that separates the air from the powder before it is packaged in sacks or large bags.

Depending on the pasteurization temperature, we will obtain low heat, medium heat, or high heat powders.

Lecithin may also be added at the end of the drying process of the skimmed milk powder to obtain an instant spray dried skimmed milk powder. Lecithin is a lipid from the phosphoglycerides family. It is used for its emulsifying properties and allows the milk powder to rehydrate quickly.

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