Lactarmor® DM 90

Lactarmor® DM 90 is made from whey from which milk minerals have been extracted. It is a 90% demineralized whey with a low, stable milk mineral content. It also boasts high quality protein content.

Demineralized whey is ideal for infant milk formulas. In this application, it helps normalize the protein, lactose and mineral content of infant formula to match those of breast milk.

Demineralized whey can also be used for dairy products, baked goods, confectionery and other food and nutrition-related products. It is an economical alternative to sweet whey (which is obtained via rennet-induced coagulation of milk) with a low mineral and high lactose content. It is also highly stable in terms of its thermal, emulsifying, browning and wettability properties.

Product benefits
  • Nutritional properties
  • Thermal stability

Market application

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