Our Values

Tolerance: accept others and make every effort to understand and facilitate common activities.

Courage: know how to exercise our responsibilities fully, and be able to our recognize mistakes.

Honesty: respect and admit the truth while being transparent.

Loyalty: defend a mutual loyalty between the company and our employees.

Excellence: strive for the creation of ambitious and innovative products to satisfy our clients.

Be part of a sustainable development approach

Armor Proteines makes its decisions and corporate policy with a long-term vision. Promoting the development of the skills of its employees, it aims to maintain its innovative capacity in order to develop and market high quality products, in line with the expectations of the food and nutrition industry.

Allowing the involvement and development of all the staff

With our history and family tradition, Armor Proteines supports a humanist corporate culture, on a human scale. Our main objective is the social and professional development of the men and women working in the company.

In order to promote a climate of collegiality and cooperation, the company makes a point to facilitate the integration of new employees, in particular by providing them support, the chance to give feedback and appropriate training. For Armor Proteines, the key to success passes through the skills development of each person. The company makes every effort to help each employee who wants to take skills training, to specialize and gain expertise. Armor Proteines also encourages internal promotion and mobility between its different departments.

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