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Milk proteins Design to cost : our solutions

In a market context where supplies and raw materials are severely strained, the dairy industry is now working on solutions that meet economic criteria, while also taking into account taste, physical and chemical and microbiology-related qualities.

Milk substitutes, an appealing option!

Resulting from the combination of dairy proteins with fats selected for their fatty acid profiles, milk substitutes are highly technical ingredients.

This combination of two sources of materials furthermore makes it possible to offer economical products that respond to the requirements of competitive markets.

Lastly, the use of natural ingredients makes it possible to respond to increasingly vocal demand from consumers for Clean Label, minimally-processed products.

Armor Protéines, which has made a mission of supporting you in your growth and responding to your formulation needs, offers many milk substitutes that will enable you to formulate multiple applications (ice creams, ultra-fresh...) 

In short, our milk substitutes meet the requirements of today’s and tomorrow’s industry, through technical expertise and efficiency! All the while guaranteeing consistent taste, physicochemical and microbiological quality.

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