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Clean label and milk proteins : our solutions

There is no clear, standardised or regulated definition of Clean Label. Clean Label tends to refer to the reduction of ingredient lists, the use of more natural and environmentally friendly products. The consumer view of Clean Label has evolved in recent years and now highlights ingredients that are simple, healthy, responsible and authentic. Discover our ingredients for Clean Label formulations!

What is Clean Label ?

There is no clear, standardised or regulated definition of Clean Label. The term Clean Label is generally used when ingredients are kept to a minimum, and more natural and environmentally friendly products are involved.

The consumer vision when it comes to Clean Label has evolved in recent years and now centres on ingredients that are:

  • Simpleeasily recognisable, free of GMOs, free of artificial dyes, no or low additive content, and minimal processing
  • Healthful : make it possible to reduce sugar or fat content, provide natural minerals, essential amino acid profiles....
  • Responsible et authentic : respect the environment, traceability and show respect for animal welfare

Consumers are sensitive to certain statements on product packaging -- statements connected with clean label. They are very interested in products that are additive-free (79% of those surveyed), 100% natural (78%) and GMO-free (69%), for instance. Moreover, 71% of consumers are willing to spend more on additive-free products, and 65% are willing to spend more on products that do not contain GMOs.

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How does Clean Label help during product formulation?

In a Clean Label product, the formulation will tend to have fewer ingredients and, more specifically, fewer artificial or synthetic ingredients.

Developing new products or processes that fulfil these requirements is a real challenge for the agri-food industry! This is because, while there are many natural components out there, they can rarely serve as a “one to one” replacement for a synthetic ingredient.

Research and development work is thus needed in order to develop ingredients or ingredients blends that can replace the “e-numbers” and provide the same functionalities that are sought out in the finished products (texture, aroma, nutritional profile, use-by date, etc.). Support can also be provided to adapt the industrial process with the new ingredients and thus approximate as closely as possible the ideal product. All this innovation work combined makes it possible to offer customers good and healthful products!

What place is there for dairy products in Clean Label?

Dairy products offer balanced nutritional profiles. They also have emulsifying, stabilising and thickening properties that enable them to replace many additives.

Thanks to its range of products, Armor Protéines offers natural, nutritional and tasty solutions. These ingredients include:

  • Le Milk Salt : rich in minerals, it is an alternative to traditional melting salts, as it promotes the emulsification of fats in the production of processed cheeses. Milk Salt is suitable for polyphosphate-free cheese formulas.
  •  Le Vitalarmor Ca M10 :  is composed of natural calcium from milk. The use of Vitalarmor Ca M10 is ideal for calcium enrichment in multiple food matrices: drinks, yoghurts, dessert creams, biscuits, nutritional milks...
  • Le Kapa HHT : is a soluble milk protein with a casein base, so that the additives used in traditional formulations, such as stabilisers or emulsifiers, can be replaced. In addition to improving their composition, these proteins improve the nutritional profile by offering protein-rich, low-calorie creams that are useful in certain pathologies such as malnourishment.
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