Our commitments

Our quality commitments :

At Armor Protéines, a quality team of more than 20 people works to guarantee food safety, taking into account your requirements at all levels.

Quality is monitored at all times, from the selection of raw materials to the delivery of finished products. Each production run is subject to several dozen controls. Our 7 plants are GFSI certified (FSSC 22000). Food safety analysis and control is carried out using HACCP methods, zonings and environmental control plans. Analyses are carried out at every stage, from the raw material to the finished product.

Our quality assurance policy meets international protocols for diagnosing and controlling food safety. It covers all purchasing, production and distribution processes. Detailed traceability of raw materials is applied using various computer systems (e.g. SAP, Maestro) and we operate with only one supplier of dairy raw material.

This demand for quality stems from our determination to provide healthy, good, functional and nutritional dairy ingredients. From farms to warehouses, quality is everywhere: best practices, continuous improvement, control, analyses, quality management, audits…

Our CSR commitments :

OXYGEN logo representing the CSR approach of the Savencia Group

Within the Savencia group, we are all committed to providing a sustainable, ethical and inclusive world for current and future generations, with a shared ambition: “Doing business to feed people well”.

Armor Protéines is part of Savencia’s Oxygen plan ,which underpins our CSR ambition to combine meaning and performance, to work with our partners, to innovate for a sustainable world. This plan is built on 4 pillars:

  • Healthy pleasure and responsibility: Improve the nutritional quality and design of our products so that they provide healthy and responsible pleasure, and promote responsible consumption. At Armor Protéines, the clean label is an integral part of our thinking when developing our products and the formulations we devise for our customers. We also strive to better inform our clients and their consumers on topics such as protein digestibility, nutrient assimilation, bioavailability of our ingredients…

  • Sustainable agricultural sectors: Promote responsible purchasing and co-develop more sustainable and value-creating procurement with our agricultural raw material suppliers. Armor Protéines has signed a Animal Welfare Charter which governs relations with its suppliers with the aim of promoting responsible and long-term purchasing. Armor Protéines is involved in the local and sustainable economy since it collects its milk from local producers, which reduces our environmental footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. Our ambition is to develop products based on sustainable agricultural models with, for example, the launch of our organic range in 2022.

  • Environmental footprint: We are well aware of the dangers posed by the environmental crisis and the climate emergency, and are committed to reducing the environmental footprint of all our activities. Savencia Fromage & Dairy is committed to the Science-Based Targets initiave (SBTi) which sets out a 5-step process to help companies reduce their carbon emissions, in line with the objectives of the Paris Agreement. As such, our group has submitted its objectives to reduce our CO2 emissions by 2030.

To meet these commitments, at Armor Protéines, we apply several levers every day :

  • Reducing our energy consumption
  • Using less CO2-emitting energies in our facilities
  • Better energy recovery by installing cold/hot recovery loops at all our sites
  • Reducing our water consumption through ongoing resource management designed to maintain our installations at the highest level and recover milk water in our process waters
  • Controlling our Chemical Oxygen Demand by installing a water treatment plant
  • Increased waste sorting and recovery (other than biowaste)
  • Developing eco-design for our packaging to ultimately aim for 100% recyclable packaging
  • Our employees’ well-being: Promote the well-being and development of our employees and their commitment to inclusivity. This involves a number of approaches: our commitment to safety and the goal of zero accidents at all our sites, improved working and living conditions in the company with an assessment of the “Great Place To Work”, organisation, and encouraging the recruitment of new apprentices in our departments each year.

To assess our CSR approach as a whole, we call on the organisation Ecovadis, a specialist in evaluating companies’ CSR performance. In 2023, we were delighted to receive the gold medal with a score of 76/100.

Only 5% of the companies audited by Ecovadis obtain this gold medal. We are extremely proud of this and will continue down this route to strengthen our commitment to CSR further, day after day.

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