Vitalarmor® Ca M10

Calcium is one of the main minerals in milk. It is the most abundant mineral in the body. This resource is essential for the proper functioning of our body. For example, it is 99% involved in the synthesis of bones and teeth.

Vitalarmor Ca M10 is composed of calcium from milk. It is obtained by precipitating milk calcium and then micronised to ensure a particle size of 90% < 10µm. This particle size improves suspension in food matrices.

Enriching our diet with calcium is essential throughout our lives. This necessity begins at a very young age during bone construction, but also in adulthood to maintain a healthy body.

The use of Vitalarmor® Ca M10 is therefore ideal for calcium enrichment. Calcium can be consumed in many food matrices: drinks, yoghurts, dessert creams, biscuits, nutritional milks, etc.

Product benefits
  • Helps to build bones
  • Tooth reinforcement
  • Nutritional properties

Market application

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