Acid casein

Acid casein is a source of essential amino acids. It is considered a highly nutritious protein.

Acid casein is produced using milk that is skimmed and pasteurized before undergoing acid coagulation. Caseins form a curd that is rinsed and separated from the whey protein, lactose and minerals.
The final product is a light-colored powder with a neutral smell and taste.

It has good nutritional, emulsifying and water-binding properties, which allow it to be used in sports nutrition for recovery after exercise and muscle gain, in health foods for its hunger-suppressing effect, in sleep regulation, etc.

It is also utilized in the production of cheese spreads, vegetarian preparations and liqueurs thanks to its texturizing properties.

In terms of its more unusual usages, it is used to manufacture natural, odorless and solvent-free glues and paints.

Product benefits
  • Texture improvement
  • Nutritional properties

Market application

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