Edible lactose 100 – 200 mesh

Edible Lactose is obtained by crystallising the lactose and then washing and drying it. It is a pure lactose, slightly yellow due to the natural presence of vitamin B2.

Lactose is soluble, inert, non-hydroscopic. It has a non-sweet taste and is odourless. These properties allow it to be used in many food, sports and nutritional applications. For example, it is used in seasonings and baked goods because of its ability to carry colours and flavours well.

It is also used in food products to improve the preservation of products: in ice cream, skimmed or condensed milk, dehydrated soups, coffee creamers, in chocolate, in confectionery, in meat products, canned fruits and vegetables.

Finally, it is a fermentable carbohydrate and can be used as a source of carbon and energy for the production of metabolites by fermentation.


Product benefits
  • Optimisation of production costs
  • Preservation - Texturing - Shine

Market application

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