Rennet casein

Rennet casein is a source of essential amino acids and calcium. It is considered a nutritious and functional protein.

Rennet casein is made from skimmed and pasteurised milk, then coagulated with rennet. Once a curd is obtained, it is rinsed and separated from the whey protein, lactose and minerals in order to purify the final product. It is then concentrated and dried.
Unlike acid casein, this process makes it possible to retain more protein and calcium, offering excellent texturizing properties.

Its functional characteristics allow for the production of processed cheeses with the best properties:
– As is, rennet casein makes cheeses firm enough to withstand cutting and grating constraints without clumping.
– When baked, on a pizza for example, it makes it possible to obtain a cheese that melts and spreads correctly, and that remains smooth-flowing and stable when cooked (without browning).

Product benefits
  • Texture improvement
  • Nutritional properties

Market application

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