Vitalarmor® Lactoferrin​

This glycoprotein is naturally present in human and animal milk. It is also found in mucus, saliva and tears. Lactoferrin enhances our bodies’ natural defenses.

Antibacterial & antimicrobial properties
It has a strong affinity with iron. Iron is essential for cell growth and proliferation. Thanks to its capacity to sequester iron, it deprives bacteria of this essential element for their development. It therefore has recognised antibacterial properties.

Antioxidant properties
Thanks to its ability to bind iron, it plays an antioxidant role within the body.
In cases of infection, excessive iron in the body or external aggression, there may be overproduction of ROS (reactive oxygen species), leading to oxidative stress and causing significant cell damage. Lactoferrin disrupts the production and elimination of these ROS by preventing oxygen and iron from combining.

Anemia regulation properties
Lactoferrin ensures an optimal level of iron in the body, preventing anemia, thanks to its excellent ability to bind and transport iron to target cells and organs. This ability ensures better absorption of iron naturally present in a normal everyday diet, and avoids the need for iron supplements, which often cause digestive and inflammatory disorders.

Antiviral properties
It helps fight certain types of viruses in two different ways:
– By binding host cells, preventing entry of the virus (e.g. Coronavirus)​
– By binding viral particles directly, rendering the virus inactive (e.g. Herpes)

Anti-inflammatory properties
It also has anti-inflammatory properties, as it activates innate and active immunity in negatively charged cell surfaces (e.g. proteoglycans). This interaction induces the signaling pathways that trigger the anti-inflammatory reaction.

Armor Protéines is an expert in the production and marketing of lactoferrin. Our lactoferrin is highly purified thanks to a gentle, controlled process that allows for the preservation of its native form.
We have developed a lactoferrin range specifically adapted to various specifications:
Vitalarmor ®Lactoferrin and Vitalarmor Lactoferrin Organic, particularly suitable for use in dry-mix infant nutrition
Vitalarmor LF, used as a dietary supplement and in nutrition


Product benefits
  • Antibacterial
  • Antioxidant
  • Immunomodulatory

Market application

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