Lactose and Whey Byproducts

Lactose is a complex sugar also named disaccharide, consisting of two simple sugars: glucose and galactose. Its molecular chemical formula is C12H22O11. It is produced from whey, the liquid portion coming from milk coagulation, also called serum. Whey is a highly nutritious product that contains proteins, vitamins, lactose, water and very little fat. Several methods make it possible to extract the various components to be recovered or to adapt the whey to specific applications such as baby food, chocolate manufacturing or pastry and bakery markets.

Lactarmor™ DM

Powder range of sweet whey resulting from the manufacture of pressed cooked or uncooked cheeses. The demineralized whey contains lactose and serum proteins with high nutritional value. It is used in infant nutrition when 90% demineralized.


The lactose is the main component of whey that is recovered by crystallization. The lactose is a carbohydrate used as a standardizing agent and sweetener in the manufacture of ultra-fresh products, as well as in infant feeding as an energy source (slow sugar).

Whey Byproducts

Resulting from whey, these products are used as standardizing agents in the manufacture of ultra-fresh products, as well as in infant nutrition through their nutritional and functional properties.
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