Slow protein

Slow protein ingredients by milk fractionation expert, Armor Proteines

The slow protein ingredient is present in curd, the substance obtained from whole milk following skim milk precipitation. Armor Proteines, the leading specialist in milk fractionation technology, has developed a range of casein and caseinates, purified, slow-acting proteins, including acid casein and rennet casein, used widely in the manufacture of cheese.

Slow proteins by the French dairy ingredient expert provide an excellent solution for texturing food products, as well as, provide optimal nutritional value. Armor Proteines proposes the nutritional properties of milk in functional, innovative formulas, offering manufacturers dairy nutrition in easy-to-use, cost-effective solutions of the highest quality.

Slow protein: the range of dairy ingredients

Collected directly from the local dairy farms in western France, the traditional home of both Armor Proteines and the dairy industry in France, we obtain the best quality dairy ingredients for the food industry. Discover the range of slow protein products, fast proteins, milk minerals and bio-components, milk powders and milk replacers.

Armor Proteines dairy ingredients provide the nutrients and texturing properties, such as foaming agents, emulsifiers, gelling agents which meet the requirements for a wide range of food types, cheese, baked goods, confectionary and provides high performance solutions for the specialty nutrition sectors.

Since 1992, Armor Proteines is part of the world-leading dairy group, Bongrain and has become the specialized branch dedicated to the research and development of industrial dairy ingredients. We invite you to discover more about our products, technology and services. If you would like any further information about slow protein products, please contact us.

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